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Why Your Friends Are Hitting It Farther Than You

Why your friends are hitting it farther than you Are you constantly being outhit by some or all of your friends and it just doesn’t make any sense? It is very frustrating to constantly be out driven by your buddies! Even worse is when you are taller, bigger, stronger, and more physically fit...


Common Misconceptions About Golf Fitness

As training for golf becomes more and more popular, lots of information gets thrown around. Thanks to TPI and other reputable sources, golfers have access to great information that can help them improve their game like never before. Unfortunately, there's a lot of bad information out there as...


Speed/Power Training - Why you may be doing it all wrong

Speed and power training is extremely helpful in order to gain distance. However, it is imperative that speed and power training is done correctly and appropriately. First, you must be strength training to give your body adequate support for handling "all out" effort exercises. If you don't, you...


Unstable Surface Training - Is it really as beneficial as we think?

We all have seen people balance on bosu balls or stability balls at some point. Everyone's first reaction to seeing this is usually how impressive and amazing it is. BUT, is this really helping performance? Balancing on unstable surfaces may seem cool and beneficial, but it’s not very effective...